The world’s first truly tradable global currency.

Meld is a gold-backed digital currency that’s safe, stable and supported by an open network of partners, enabling anyone to reap the benefits of gold and take ownership of their wealth.

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The Problem

The global financial system is broken. Consumers are desperate for a fairer playing field – one where they are in control.

The Solution

Meld’s core unique selling point is a beautifully simple user experience.

With technology moving faster than design most cryptocurrencies haven’t had a chance to consider the end user, resulting in poorly designed and hard-to-use platforms.

Meld is going to spearhead a much-needed design movement, vastly improving the UX for cryptonatives while making it easier for the rest of us to get started.

The Solution

Wealth management has never been easier to control.

With Meld, you can:

  • Trade between currencies
  • Multiple payment options
  • Access market insights
  • Transfer funds
  • Global partner directory
  • Withdraw physical gold
  • Refer and earn gold
  • Full accounting capability
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Flexible cold storage

Token Design

Meld is built on two tokens.

A gold-backed currency:

  • 1 GOLD token = 1 gram a physical gold
  • Stored in the world’s most secure vaulting facilities
  • Fully redeemable for physical gold

A security token:

  • Earns gold via every transaction
  • Helps shape the future of digital currency

The Team

The team behind Meld are experts in gold, design and technology.

Melbourne Mint

Founding Partner

Originally opened in 1872, the Melbourne Mint today carries a legacy of expertise in the precious metals and numismatics industries. Through the growth and expansion over the years, the Melbourne Mint proudly offers a complete suite of services that not only encompasses precious metals and numismatics but also vault storage. Independently and privately owned, the Melbourne Mint are the preferred choice as a precious metals investment partner.


Product Design & Strategy

Josephmark (JM) has over a decade of experience in creating and launching successful digital products like social music platform We Are Hunted (acquired by Twitter), minimalist catch-up news site Hash (spawning stock trading platform Hash Finance), and CommBank’s award-winning property app. Now working across three continents, JM’s work has been featured in the App Store, won numerous awards and spawned a huge number of copycats throughout the UX/UI industry.

Enhanced Society

Token & Blockchain Innovation

Enhanced Society is a technology company that has been leading the way in token design and blockchain innovation since 2012. Enhanced Society’s key team members and partners have been actively designing and implementing blockchain solutions, which include a world-class crypto exchange and a Peabody Award-winning project with Google in 2016.

Peter August


Distinguished precious metals expert Peter August is the CEO of Melbourne Mint and the Managing Director of Australian Bullion Company (Australia’s oldest privately-owned bullion company). With a proven track record of high-level bullion trading in the billions and over 25 years of experience in the precious metals industry, Peter has been the custodian of the Melbourne Mint legacy since acquiring the business in 2012; pushing ahead with digital initiatives and guiding Melbourne Mint’s push to make investment in precious metals more accessible to a wider spectrum of investors.

Tom Vlahos

Deputy CEO

Tom Vlahos is the Deputy CEO of Melbourne Mint and the Australian Bullion Company. Tom has piloted numerous programmes and strategies focussed on the global expansion of business divisions; overseeing mining operations in Africa and Australia, managing gold acquisition across every continent on the globe, and trading up to a third of a tonne of recycled gold per week through his global network. Tom has established strong business relationships with some of Europe’s oldest and most established precious metal providers such as Valcambi, Pamp and Heraeus.

Michael Cotton

Business Strategist

With over a decade of experience in precious metals, Michael Cotton is working to revolutionise the industry by integrating technology-driven innovation. Skilled at identifying opportunities and forging strong relationships with strategic global partners, Michael has negotiated several large deals including the absorption of Bullion Deposit Australia.

Jessy Cameron

Brand Manager

A finalist in the Telstra Young Business Women’s Awards in 2016, Jessy Cameron has a degree in Mass Communication (Advertising and Public Relations) and over a decade of experience in digital and branding, specialising in retail marketing. A regular speaker on ABC's Retail Panel, Jessy is also the founder of Molten Store, an accessories brand with a distinct online presence and a brick and mortar store amid Brisbane's luxury James Street business.

Scott Waterman

Director of Sales

Starting his own numismatic company at the age of 22, Scott Waterman has gone on to change the way investors trade in rare coins servicing clients across the globe. Today, Scott is the head of sales for Melbourne Mint, one of Australia’s leading rare coin and precious metal dealers.

Warwick Cox


Specialising in senior management and technology experience, Warwick brings a wealth of experience as the CTO at Master Metals Exchange. As a full stack senior developer, Warwick has built large scale websites and apps that are fast, robust and secure. Additionally, having run his own business, Warwick is experienced in the management of projects, staff and revenue.

Filipe Gonçalves

Blockchain Architect

Filipe is a senior software engineer and architect with many years experience leading advanced technology projects. Filipe has gone on to specialise in blockchain technology, applying his talents to developing robust and secure products. In 2016, Filipe and his fellow team members were recognised and awarded with the Peabody Design award for a blockchain consultancy project for Google.

The Roadmap

How Meld will come to life: