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When it comes to converting precious metals, there are two options to consider:

Digitising your physical metal to create digital tokens, or redeeming digital tokens for physical bullion. The cost of conversion varies based on the type, size, and quantity of metal involved, but our partners can provide you with specific quotes to cover these costs as well as any necessary logistics.

Whether you're looking to go from physical to digital or vice versa, we've got you covered.

Conversion Partners

Imperial Bullion

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Imperial Bullion

With over 75 years of combined refining, wholesale and retail bullion experience, Imperial Bullion specialises in providing quality bullion products to clients.

Imperial Group also offers a wide range of services outlined below within the bullion, collectibles, storage, jewellery & numismatics industries.

Please follow the link to contact Imperial Bullion

Bullion Brands

Meld Gold

Meld Gold produces a range of cast bars in Gold and Silver, with the most popular sizes available to keep premiums low and accessibility and tradability high.


MKS Pamp is one of the world's largest and most renowned bullion producers based in Switzerland and accredited by LBMA. With an extensive range of bars and coins in a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes, they cover all bullion needs.

The Perth Mint

Formerly a major currency producer for Australia, The Perth Mint has a long history of producing high-quality bullion. They still produce legal tender bullion under several sovereign banners, offering a great option outside of the usual bars and coins.

Imperial Bullion

As one of Australia's largest private bullion companies, Imperial Bullion offers a range of popular sizes in cast bars at a low premium price to minimise the cost of acquiring physical bullion.


A range of options from other manufacturers is often available, acquired from the secondary market, thoroughly tested and authenticated, and generally available at a lower premium than they would usually attract.

Bullion Formats


Generally the most economical way to produce bullion bars, resulting in a minimal premium over spot price. A majority of the world's bullion is held in cast bars due to the low production cost. They are often simpler in design and finish, with a more natural look and are designed for trading rather than collecting.


Minted bars often feature intricate designs pressed into the bars utilising the same technologies and equipment used in coin production. They are often produced in a rectangular shape to minimise waste size, but a variety of shapes and finishes are produced particularly for the collector sector. Generally they are only produced in smaller sizes and are often not seen in 1kg+ bars.


When we refer to coins, we are talking about bullion that is also legal tender, with a denominated fiat value from a sovereign nation. Coins are often highly sought after due to their additional collectability and lower risk of counterfeiting because of the additional laws around currency. Generally, coins incur the highest premium over spot, and the most common size produced is 1oz, though special issues can be found in extreme sizes. For example, The Perth Mint produces a 10kg Lunar Silver coin annually.produced is 1oz though special issues can be found in extreme sizes. For example The Perth Mint produces a 10kg Lunar Silver coin annually.


Example Pricing

The list below is to provide a guide on the cost of redeeming digital tokens for physical bullion, this is a guide only and does not include logistics costs. Complete the conversion quote form below the table to receive pricing based on your current needs.

Metal TypeSizeTypeBrandsFabrication Premium
Gold1gMinted BarPerth Mint, PAMP & Generic42.0%
Gold10gMinted BarPerth Mint, PAMP & Generic8.0%
Gold100gMinted BarPerth Mint, PAMP & Generic3.0%
Gold1/2ozMinted BarPerth Mint, PAMP & Generic5.5%
Gold1ozMinted BarPerth Mint, PAMP & Generic6.0%
Silver1ozMinted BarPerth Mint & Generic45.0%
Gold1/2ozCast BarMeld Gold, Imperial Bullion, Perth Mint & Generic6.0%
Gold1ozCast BarMeld Gold, Imperial Bullion, Perth Mint & Generic2.9%
Gold2.5ozCast BarMeld Gold, Imperial Bullion, Perth Mint & Generic2.7%
Gold5ozCast BarMeld Gold, Imperial Bullion, Perth Mint & Generic2.2%
Gold10ozCast BarMeld Gold, Imperial Bullion, Perth Mint & Generic2.1%
Gold500gCast BarMeld Gold, Imperial Bullion, Perth Mint & Generic2.0%
Gold1kgCast BarMeld Gold, Imperial Bullion, Perth Mint & Generic1.9%
Silver10ozCast BarMeld Gold, Imperial Bullion, Perth Mint & Generic18.0%
Silver1kgCast BarMeld Gold, Imperial Bullion, Perth Mint & Generic10.0%
Silver100ozCast BarMeld Gold, Imperial Bullion, Perth Mint & Generic6.0%
Gold1/20ozCoinPerth Mint Lunar & Generic35.0%
Gold1/10ozCoinPerth Mint Lunar & Generic27%
Gold1/4ozCoinPerth Mint Lunar & Generic8.0%
Gold1/2ozCoinPerth Mint Lunar & Generic7.5%
Gold1ozCoinPerth Mint Lunar & Generic6.7%
Silver1/2ozCoinVariety of Perth Mint Issues & Generic100.0%
Silver1ozCoinVariety of Perth Mint Issues & Generic25.0%
Silver2ozCoinVariety of Perth Mint Issues & Generic45.0%
Silver5ozCoinVariety of Perth Mint Issues & Generic35.0%
Silver10ozCoinVariety of Perth Mint Issues & Generic23.0%
Silver1kgCoinVariety of Perth Mint Issues & Generic20.0%

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