We’re on a mission to
revolutionise the gold industry.
Ambitious, we know.

We believe in the stability of gold as an asset, and we champion its role as the global currency of the future.

That is why we are so passionate about delivering a robust technology solution that can improve and amplify gold’s utility for businesses and customers alike.

Meld supports the entire gold supply chain, offering a safe, secure, and stable platform on which investors and industry partners can rely on.

But don’t just take our word for it!

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Many companies have tried to create their own version of gold-backed tokens, but what Meld is doing is new: they’re using blockchain technology to not just emulate but improve the actual gold market.

Peter August, CEO

Melbourne Mint

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Essentially, Meld has created a cryptocurrency on-ramp for the gold industry and visa versa. The entire gold market is now connected to the retail investing industry… this is just the beginning of the blurring of the lines between traditional and digital finance.

Henrik Andersson, CIO

Apollo Capital

Our People?

Great people make great products.

Meld’s high-standard solutions draw expertise from across the gold, financial, and technology industries.

Michael Cottonlayer

Michael Cotton


Known as someone who identifies new opportunities for growth and innovation. Michael has worked in the precious metals industry his entire adult life.

Beginning his career at age 18 when he launched an Australian jewellery supply business. By age 23 he was trading millions of dollars worth of gold and operating multiple retail fronts.

In 2017, Michael co-founded the Imperial Group, a bullion and vaulting company acquiring several other competitors including Bullion Deposit Australia and going to become one of Australia's largest private bullion companies and the official Australian representative for PCGS. Michael’s vision for Meld is to create a digital superhighway for the precious metals industry and revolutionise the way gold is transacted.

Dominic Hawtonlayer

Dominic Hawton


An experienced software engineer with experience spanning academia, architecture, and finance. Specialising in full-stack development, he has a passion for building high-quality, scalable, secure web applications.

Dominic has worked with a number of startups and established companies to deliver high-quality software solutions. He has a passion for solving complex technical problems and delivering polished user experiences. He is a strong believer in the power of blockchain technology to revolutionise the way we interact with commodities in a world that is becoming increasingly digital.

AJ Milnelayer

AJ Milne


AJ has a background in investment, entrepreneurialism, and business advisory.

AJ is currently CEO of Optio Capital and Founder of Meld Ventures & Algomint. His prior experience includes, acting as a Director for the partnership arm of an Australia based global payment fintech, setting up and developing a corporate venture capital fund for a global media holding company based in Paris, and launching and leading a peer-to-peer marketplace.

AJ has been involved in leading technology innovation since 2010, and in 2019 completed a MIT Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application course. He is uniquely qualified to provide practical and theoretical expertise in technology’s rapidly emerging industry.

Brent Doughtylayer

Brent Doughty


Brent has extensive experience in asset management, risk assessment, strategic planning and project development across numerous business sectors and asset classes.

As a founder of multiple companies, business divisions and successful stand alone ventures, Brent is equipped in assessing business and venture opportunities and formulating comprehensive strategic plans to bring them to fruition. One of these ventures includes the establishment of a premier vault facility in Brisbane with the highest security rating available in the country. These unique skill sets combined with the interpersonal skills to create a goal oriented management style based on positive culture and team accountability, allows Brent to effectively manage a diverse portfolio of business units and ventures.

Currently managing the overall operations of the greater Imperial suite of businesses, he has the knowledge, experience and temperament, along with a proven track record, to successfully bring business opportunities to reality.

Michael Simpsonlayer

Michael Simpson


Michael has assisted with corporate acquisitions, the expansion of brick-and-mortar locations, compliance and regulation reviews, road map developments and the systematisation of innovative processes and procedures.

With much of his professional career being spent working within or around the precious metals and alternative asset industries, Michael has been able to develop the unique skill sets and develop the appropriate insights to greatly assist in the planning and decision-making for the multiple divisions within the expansive group of businesses.

Michael’s implementation and development of software and systems across multiple businesses has led to continued growth and a focus on customer service, while promoting an exciting and innovative workplace culture.

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