Meld Gold | FAQ

Meld is a digital technology platform changing the way gold is bought and sold. Meld integrates into the existing gold supply chain and delivers far greater market efficiency, through seamless trading and quicker settlement, automating and streamlining the supply chain and processes across it.

Gold and other precious metals within the supply chain are represented as Digital Certificates, where investors and consumers can own physical gold in digital form. One Meld Digital Certificate equals one gram of the corresponding metal. Learn more

In the case of Meld, this refers to digital certificates secured via blockchain technology that are redeemable for physical gold with each whole certificate (token) = 1g of physical metal. Learn more

We are constantly looking for new partners to join the network, if you are interested please contact us with your business details and why you wish to join. Contact us

Meld has developed and patented its own audit system, currently audits are manual but this will be updated with its custom designed system to give full transparency to metals holdings across the Meld Gold supply chain.

Meld has built a custom balancer system that connects the digital blockchain world with the traditional gold industry facilitating trades to constantly balance holdings and ensure the right amount of metal is secured.

Algorand is a high throughput, low cost and highly secure technology allowing Meld Gold digital certificates to reach their full potential as an alternative currency.

Redemptions can be done via participating bullion partners who provide a variety of options and exchange rates depending on the type of bullion selected. Learn more. Learn more

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